When I found out a while back how controversial the topic of the Anglo-Saxon conquest of Britain is, and how varied are the theories on how it came about, or even if it came about, I just could not resist and had to get involved in the debate! My country Canada is a colony planted by Britain, so how Britain turned English so many years ago is of great interest to us Canadians here too, and to anyone living in an English speaking country, including, I think, Ireland, which was subjected to another wave of Anglo-Saxon conquest a thousand years after the first conquest. Of course, the United States, beginning with the first English settlement in 1607, and Canada, being conquered by the then “British” (changed from “English” after the unification of the thrones of England and Scotland) Empire in 1759 and then filled up with English speaking settlers over the next few centuries, are yet further outward-moving ripple-effects of the first Anglo-Saxon conquest of Britain in the 6th Century A.D. Understanding the first one shines light on the others. If the Anglo-Saxons had not conquered Britain, would Canada and the USA be Welsh-speaking? Or, Latin? I wonder. Anyhow, looking closely at the most contemporary accounts of the time gives us, I think at least, an excellent window on the age and what happened. Enjoy the article, and please feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments!


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